Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Camera-Trap Animal Parade From the Indonesian Rainforest

A montage of clips spanning four months of camera trap recordings from the mountainous Leuser rainforest of northern Sumatra, the footage testifies to life’s sheer richness in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.
If “biodiversity” sometimes feels like an academic term, its full meaning is evident in the panoply of forms seen here. Sumatran elephants. Pig-tailed macaques. Hog badgers. Peacock-pheasants. Giant squirrels. Binturongs and tigers and sun bears, oh my.
The footage was captured between May and August by Eyes on Leuser, a project started by Dutch conservationist Marten Slothouwer to protect the region, which is under threat from logging and development.
More videos can be found on the Eyes on Leuser website.

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