Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Invasive Plants Threaten Ecosystem

Foreign plants have become “nuclear biological threats,” pushing local plants, animals and birds to the brink of extinction, according to university scientists.
Douglas Tallamy, director of the department of entomology and wildlife ecology, said it will take thousands of years for insects and animals to adapt to these nonnative plans.
Plants play a crucial role in the ecosystem because insects eat plants and animals eat insects, he said. Without native plants, he said the native insects have nothing to feed on and the ecosystem can shut down as a result.
Tallamy, who has researched the effect of invasive plants for 10 years, said 79 percent of plants in suburban areas are not part of the local food chain, and are not contributing to biodiversity.
“This bothers me,” Tallamy said. “There’s no reason for this. No one thought it was a problem, but it absolutely is a problem. It developed over the read more>>

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